Who is Emanuel Kulaya?

Emanuel Michael Kulaya is a Tanzanian Author and a Language Teacher.

He graduated Bachelor of Arts with Education (2017), where he took language. Soon after his graduation he became a teacher for almost six months in Zanzibar before started his own program called SWAHILI TEACHER (Website –

He then started KULAYA LANGUAGE SCHOOL where he has been a Managing Director as well as Swahili and English teacher.

His Books:

Swahili Major Key: For Intermediates and Advanced Swahili Book (Swahili Key 2) Jun 4, 2019

Swahili Learner’s Book: Learn Swahili Alone Nov 19, 2019

Learn English VIA Swahili Or Vice Versa: Jifunze Kiingereza Kupitia Kiswahili Jul 12, 2019

SWAHILI KEY FOR BEGINNERS: Suitable for All Levels especially Beginners Dec 15, 2018

English Basic Book – Beginners Oriented : English Foundation Book Volume 1 Aug 28, 2020

Astonish Stories Book: Simulizi za Mapenzi (English) na Kuelimisha) Aug 29, 2019

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