We follow the basics of intellectual property rights is a platform for audio, video share and download the aim of bringing the word of God through various tracks, we respect other people’s copyrights, Please note: This page provides basic information about copyright. However, nothing in this page is part of the legal advice please do not treat it as legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice. Please consult a lawyer qualified in any issues related to intellectual property rights. 

What is the meaning of intellectual property rights? Copyright is a form of intellectual property, applicable to certain types of creative work. Some, but not all jurisdictions require a “fix” a copyrighted work in a way obvious. Often shared among multiple authors, each of whom has a set of rights to use or license the work, and who are usually referred to as just. These rights are often combined with fertility, regulation of derivative works, distribution, public performance, and “moral rights” as an explanation. Copyrights are considered territorial rights, which means that they do not extend beyond the jurisdiction specified. While many aspects of national copyright laws have been standardized through copyright treaties international copyright laws vary by country.

What is copyright infringement, and how do we avoid it? Because the rights afforded by copyright law is the exclusive owner of the copyright (X), we infringe copyright if we do any of these things without the permission of the copyright owner (X) – for example, if we copy or adapt copyrighted work, or to make it available on the Internet without the permission of the owner (X). The best way we avoid infringement of intellectual property rights is to ensure that we all share the songs that gets involved informed consent (X) and their representatives. If we intend to use any copyrighted work in any of the separate legal dependence, we always seek legal advice first. If we have any doubt about the right level in the songs of any size, we consult with a qualified lawyer / representatives / owners before sharing anything on this site.

How can you make complaints if you believe has broken COPYRIGHT?
If you would like to make a complaint in relation to the policy or the manner in which we handle your individual content, please contact Chief Officer (contact details provided below). We will endeavor to respond to the complaint within 5 days of receiving them.

How do I contact Bureau?
If you have any questions or comments regarding this policy, or if you want to access or modify the contents of your personal information or make a complaint about our handling of that information, please contact our Chief Officer for one of the following methods:

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